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chagrin n : strong feelings of embarrassment [syn: humiliation, mortification] v : cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of; "He humiliated his colleague by criticising him in front of the boss" [syn: humiliate, mortify, humble, abase]

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From chagrin.


  • /ʃəˈgɹɪn/


  1. Annoyance, vexation or discouragement.
    He noted with chagrin the mounting pile of unfinished homework.
  2. Distress of mind, plus a sense of embarrassment. Particularly used in situations which would not cause embarrassment for another person.
    He is from a Welsh family, proudly lives in Wales, and speaks the language fluently. Much to his chagrin, though, he was actually born in London.

Usage notes


annoyance, vexation or discouragement
  • Dutch: verdriet, irritatie
  • German: Verdruss
  • Russian: досада, огорчение
distress of mind, plus a sense of embarrassment
  • Dutch: verdriet, ongenoegen
  • German: Verdruss


  1. To bother or vex; to mortify.
    She was chagrined to note that the paint had dried into a blotchy mess.

Usage notes

  • The verb form is rarely found in other than passive voice.


bother or vex; to mortify
  • Dutch: vervelen, storen
  • German: verdrießen
  • Russian: досаждать, огорчать



  • lang=fr|/ʃa.ɡʁɛ̃/


fr-noun m
  1. sorrow, grief, chagrin

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Chagrin is used to explain strong feelings of annoyance or displeasure, sometimes mixed with embarrassment. In French, it means sorrow. In Dutch, a "chagrijn" is a person who is grumpy, unsatisfied. It is also used as a term for Turkisch leather.
It may also refer to shagreen, a type of leather.
chagrin in French: Chagrin

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